Where did November go?

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve thought many times of siting down and updating the blog…where has the time gone?

At the end of October, our speech therapist assessed LH. The results were not surprising. His understanding is perfect. He is significantly delayed in the words he uses and moderately delayed in sentence structure. Since then, though, he has improved the spontaneous speech and is working on pronouncing the whole word. He started saying ‘jump’ instead of ‘ump’ (and that night, laid in bed and practiced out loud to himself – so cute!). I’m curious to see how he does in February when he has his hearing retested.

In November, we were lucky enough to spend 10 days at the beautiful Dreams Resort on the Mayan Riviera with family. The best part was the surprise that my father in law planned – more family joined us. The kids had an amazing time, lots of swimming and hanging with cousins.

LH made major improvements in the pool. When we first got there, he would cling to us in the water. By the end of the vacation he was dunking himself in the water. And his favourite part was jumping onto the blue floating mats.

Miss L got her hair braided. She looked great, and it saved us so much time!

The older kids got to try archery – or as L calls it ‘hard’chery! Lol! The resort only had an adult bow, so it was heavy and hard to use. But she still has a junior set on her Christmas list.

I will save the photos for another post.


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