First runs of 2013

(sigh….how I wish this blog post was about the start of me running….one

First runs of 2013.

First footage from the helmet cam.

First time for N and his new board.


First, I must say how happy I am that we finally got a Contour helmet camera.
It’s been on our want list for a long time and Christmas was a
great reason to buy one. It was a gift from me and the kids to D, though I think
I will get the most enjoyment out of it. Having the video allows me to really
see the kids board – how much fun they are having as well as how they are
improving. D is great with the camera – he even captured some non-boarding
mountain footage for me. Things like them getting on the chair lift, or just
waiting in line. I love these little glimpses into a typical mountain outing
with the kids. He also managed to get some of the beautiful scenery too – we
live in such an amazing place.

Santa brought N a new board this Christmas – this one is 9cm longer than his previous board. We were worried about how he would adjust – not only is it longer, but it’s cut a little different. Sorry, the tech
stuff gets lost on me. D brought up his old board, just in case, but there was
no need for worry. N rocked his new one! Man, that kid is fast. You’ll notice
that he’s hardly in any of the videos – he just leaves D and L in his dust. D
was telling me that N likes to take the sides of the runs and if there’s a
harder, more out of the way line on the run, he’ ll take that one. Makes me
laugh as he’s been doing that since he could walk. Always one to tight-rope walk
the curb, or climb a small retaining wall… Hopefully the next time the boys go
up alone, D can more footage of N. And the crazy thing about his new board? Fits
me perfectly! Maybe I will get up there one of these days…

The best part of watching the videos today was seeing how well L has improved. It’s
amazing to see how steady she is now – rarely falls and is picking up speed. Her
confidence has gone way up and it makes my heart so happy to see. She even heard
one dad comment to his kid that he should be doing it like L does – though he
did refer to her as a guy…she is now wearing N’s old green boarding jacket.
Her goggle straps are pink, but maybe we need to girly up the helmet? She is now
boarding the black diamond runs. As a non skier, this blows me away!


*Miss L

*Starts off with Miss L, and N drops in about half way.

*Miss L, on the black diamond run

*Miss L again, showing off her great control (going in between people, close to the end of the vid)


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