Happy Birthday…and back to routine

I have to start off by telling you about yesterday. We were with family, celebrating D’s birthday, and LH comes up to him out of the blue and says ‘happy birthday to you’! It wasn’t my birthday, but that was one awesome gift!

So, we survived the first week back to the routine of school and activities. The kids were busy!

Monday – school and soccer practice for N.
Tuesday – school, preschool and Brownies for L.
Wednesday – school, karate for N and L.
Thursday – school, preschool and Karate for N and L.
Friday – school and snowboarding after dinner for N and L.
Saturday – soccer game for N, and swimming for all 3.

This week looks to be the same, with the addition of speech therapy for LH today and guitar lessons for L on Thursday. For her birthday last summer she received a guitar and 4 lessons. This week will be her first and she is so excited! I also have some commitments this week.

I’m eager to get back into speech therapy today. LH has been talking more lately, and unprompted. It’s still hard for most people to understand him, and he still isn’t using long sentences. But he is trying – every once in a while he will start to ask me for something (usually to go and visit his Gaga!) and he’ll pause and start over, trying to make it into a proper sentence.

Some recent photos…The necklace was my Christmas present. It’s a custom made nest with the eggs representing the kids – two gray ones for the boys and a purple one for L. It also has their initials. I love it. Bonus – it was made by a local stay at home mom.






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One Response to Happy Birthday…and back to routine

  1. Vanessa says:

    I hope speech therapy is going well. I am exhausted just looking at your schedule! Though I suppose in the dead of winter it’s nice to be busy.

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