Ortho update

LH had his update at the Ortho today. Before we met with the Doctor, LH went for more X-rays – his legs were done again, as well as his neck (from the side and front). He was a great patient – did exactly what was asked of him, even without me standing right beside him. He got a lizard sticker for being so good.

The visit with Dr. M. was quick, but good. The doctor has no concerns with LH’s developments. He is quite happy with how things are going, though he did mention bowing of the legs will be an issue later on, but we will deal with that when it comes up. I asked about activity restrictions, and he said the only one would be summersaults. Too bad that’s something LH loves to do. He gave me two options – to continue to see him, or be followed by the ped. I chose him.

I mentioned my concern about his head growth and he suggested going back to the pediatrician as Dr M doesn’t keep track of head sizes. I called the ped, but the receptionist will have to ask the ped if he will see LH without a new referral. Not a big deal, just frustrating.

We don’t need to go back to the ortho until next Feb!

One photo of his neck…



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5 Responses to Ortho update

  1. PIHM says:

    I was wondering about the HC measurement, ortho don’t normally do them, but then again, if he is the primary health supervisor. Leg bowing in HCH typically gets worse until the age of 4 or so and then self-corrects, very few people need to have surgery. Hopefully we will all be lucky.

    • noee01 says:

      Good to know about the bowing, we are almost at 4!

      I figured as much with HC measurements, but our family doc and pediatrician have no experience with dwarfism.


  2. Vanessa says:

    I was also wondering about the bowing and how he could tell that it would be a problem later on, since Dr. Pauli had told us that if Sabela gets bowing that it might correct itself. So, is there a way to know when it won’t correct itself?

    • noee01 says:

      I’m not sure, I should have asked but I was just focussing on how well he was doing now. I’ll worry about the future tomorrow. 😉


      • Vanessa says:

        That’s a great attitude, and kind of what I was getting at- does he know for sure it will be a problem? Hopefully it will correct itself! And, yes, let’s celebrate all the good news! Yay for one less Dr. appt for a year!

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