Whistler Blackcomb 2013

The kids are now into their third season of snowboarding. We’ve always talked about taking them up to Whistler Blackcomb, and I know D has always wanted to show the kids where he likes to ride.

With Spring Break, and D getting some time off of work, we planned a weekend away. My friends sister owns a condo on Blackcomb and we were able to rent it. When traveling with kids, a condo is so much better than a hotel room. There is a separate bedroom for privacy, and best of all – a full kitchen. We all know how eating out, with a family of 5, can get expensive. I planned for dinners for 2 out of the 3 nights – we were on a mini vacation after all, so we did eat out once. It is so much easier and faster to wake up and cook breakfast than to go out.

We got into the condo on Friday, unpacked our groceries and headed out for dinner and a few errands. Saturday, we woke up early and D and the kids headed out. We put Miss L into a day long lesson. It was pricey, but such a good program. It was her and 4 other kids. She was outfitted with a GPS unit. The lesson included snacks, lunch and – most important, lol! – priority lift access. The teacher was great and L really enjoyed her day. She passed level 3!


After we got home, we were able to log on and see all kinds of neat stats from her day. She was a little disappointed to see the speed – we had to explain to her that it was just an average from the day, and included time that she wasn’t moving at all, like eating lunch, or moving slower, like when they played at the playground (located on the ski runs, so kids can take a break – how cool! I didn’t even know that existed!). We could see her speed graphed out and she gets up to 25km/h at some points.


I was anxious to hear how N and D did. When the three of them ride the local mountains, D is busy with L, so N rides on his own…which means I rarely get any video footage of N. They were joined by D’s friend who is a local. The three guys had a great day – N had no trouble with the bigger mountain. I think he is now at the point of out ridding his dad (who, in his defense, is taking things easy this season as he has issues with his knee πŸ˜‰). D’s friend was really impressed by N’s ability. I do believe that it was D’s friend who took these photos…



While the kids were boarding, LH and I spent the day hanging out. Our condo was located on Blackcomb mountain – you walked out of the complex and you were right on the ski run. A quick walk down put you in Upper village, and from there it was a short stroll to Whistler Village. We set out exploring, and found a bob sled, the Olympic Rings and a playground, as well as lots of snow piles to play on and things to climb on (he is just like his big brother that way!). Here are some photos of our afternoon.






Saturday night was pretty low key – though N was ready to keep boarding. He was disappointed to find out WB closes at 4pm, too early in his mind! Miss L wanted to go swimming, so I volunteered to take her.


I know the pool was heated, but I was not about to join her – couldn’t deal with the cold when it’s time to get out. I was happy to sit at the side, (wearing a spring jacket, a winter jacket, gloves, scarf and hat!) with my book and beverage πŸ˜‰.


The cold didn’t bother her, and she swam until I couldn’t read anymore…


Sunday morning we slept in and had a big breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon…LH wanted to show the older two the playground, so we set off for the village…





After strolling the village, we went back to the condo for lunch and to wait until the lifts closed so we could do some sledding. Our friend was kind enough to leave a couple of sleds for us to use. LH wasn’t too sure at first – we were over in an area that was clearly marked ‘no tobogganing’, probably because it was way too fast! We moved to a smaller hill, and found a perfect run – he could do it all himself.

(The building on the left side of the photo? That’s where we stayed – cant get more convenient than that!)







I have a great little video of LH sledding down, right at the end you can hear him say ‘More!’ I will upload it with the boarding videos (over 60 clips of Saturday and today!).

Monday was check out time. We left early so we could stop at Shannon Falls Provincial Park on the way home. I had visions of the kids being bored, and me begging for just one more photo. Boy, I was wrong! All 3 kids loved it, and we had to beg them to leave after an hour and a half. N actually asked to go back today! They had so much fun climbing and exploring. I took many photos, but will only share a few…












(I ended the weekend with an evening out with friends and many laughs – perfect ending!)

The day after we got back, D and the kids headed up to the local mountain. They spent the afternoon at the park – so now between the 2 days I have many (many!) video clips to go through. /


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One Response to Whistler Blackcomb 2013

  1. Vanessa says:

    This looks like so much fun!! That is so cool about the GPS and the on-slope playground. Things have definitely changed since I was on a mountain. All the locations look gorgeous, too. What a wonderful get-away.

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