Another speech post

At our last speech therapy appointment, the Speech therapist did another assessment on LH. This is what she did back in the fall, which found him to be very delayed in words, and moderately delayed in sentence structure. The assessment in March found he has improved in both categories and now falls under age appropriate. Great news! He still drops the first sound of a word, so he still needs to continue in therapy to work on that. She suggested a 6 week break, where we would resume therapy in May.

I had mentioned to her about the stuttering. The problem is, LH doesn’t initiate conversation with anyone outside of his family – not even his preschool teachers, so they don’t hear what I hear. The therapist listened in while I spoke to him, and she did pick up a few instances where he repeated the sound, but it was nothing like he gets at home. She also noticed that there was no eye blinking, facial tension or other physical movements that went with the stuttering. She graded him a 3/10 (with 1 being little to no stutter and 10 being the worst possible).

Well, in the last few weeks the stuttering has become more frequent. Also, I am seeing eye blinking and facial tension. I decided I wasn’t comfortable waiting 4 weeks to restart therapy, so I phoned and made an appointment to go in on Monday. I’m sure this is just a phase, that his mind is going 100 times faster than his mouth but I will feel better doing something, and not just waiting around.

And just because he is so cute, here’s a photo – it was right after a hair cut and he didn’t want his photo taken…



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6 Responses to Another speech post

  1. Vanessa says:

    Oh that face! He’s too precious! Good for you for being his advocate and making changes as you see the need. Good luck with the speech therapy. I hope you see some results soon.

    • noee01 says:

      Thanks Vanessa! It’s so hard to hear him struggle. Oh, I read your blog all the time, but mostly from a mobile device so I can’t comment – need to spend more time on the desktop!

  2. Marla says:

    Would love to have you guys over to finally meet face to face. Might be great for all of us. Let us know when you are free and maybe we can throw something together.

  3. PIHM says:

    Hi Noella,
    Awesome news about the age appropriate result!!! I bet his stuttering is speech explosion, it happened to both my older kids too, it is the most annoying thing when it starts, because you are so aware of it and so worried and you know that you shouldn’t bring their attention to it…But you are right to get it checked out if it concerns you.

    • noee01 says:

      It can be very hard to listen to, and not say anything – especially when they are struggling. (I read your blog all the time, but mostly on my iPhone or iPad and I can’t comment from there. I need to spend more time on the desktop!)

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