A first

First off, let me share a photo of LH, because he is just so cute. Last week we celebrated Earth Day with Miss L.’s school, and LH wore his green shirt to take part


Last week, LH and I were walking to school in the afternoon to pick up the girl. I was approached by a mom who was heading to the school as well. I knew who she was, as her son had been in L’s Kindergarten class – even remembered her name! Right away she asked if LH was a Little Person. She was the first non medical person to notice. Now, I am not one to hide the fact that he has dwarfism, I am happy to talk about it and answer questions, but at the same time I don’t make a huge deal. Often people remark how small he is – depending on who it is, or my mood that day, I will either smile and nod, or explain. Sometimes I worry that I will make the other person uncomfortable if I tell them. It was weird – I was a little surprised that someone else noticed, but in a way I’ve been expecting it.

It turns out that her sister has diastrophic dwarfism. I asked her if someone had told her about LH (while we have a large school, it’s a close community, and we do have kids in the same grade – definitely some mutual friends). But no, she could tell on her own – the way his legs and arms moved when he walked, his mannerisms reminded her of her sister.

It was a good feeling being able to talk to someone about this in person, face to face. It also reminded me that pretty soon, his differences will be more noticeable. I only hope that I am strong and prepared for the day that he asks me why. He is still oblivious to his size.

It was also a reminder that there is a community right here – the LPBC. The membership form is filled out, and ready to be mailed off. And, the gracious Marla, who despite having so much going on her in personal life, has once again reached out to us. We must get together soon. I’m also thankful for the families I have met on Facebook, from all around the world. When you have a question about something that most kids don’t worry about, like head size, or leg bones, it’s nice to have people who understand and have gone through it.


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4 Responses to A first

  1. Marla says:

    Ok we need to pick a date….you let me know what dates work for you and we will work around it. Just got the backyard ready to go…game on. It’s been a year since I met your hubby on that bus! Its time to meet in person

  2. Vanessa says:

    That’s really cool. I was surprised that in our small community we found out right away Belalu wasn’t the only little person- we know three living in our small town! And a friend’s friend whose son also has hypo. It’s great for us now, but will be even better for her when she’s older. And the Internet bring us all closer- so thankful to have such a great resource!

    I love LH’s picture! that smile just melts my heart.

  3. Jennifer Smith says:

    Hello, my name is Jennifer & my family was blessed w/ a little boy w/ hypochondroplasia as well. We are in southern CA. Are you in Canada? Your son is adorable! Has he had any complications from his diagnosis? Thx, Jenn

    • noee01 says:

      Hi Jennifer! Thanks for posting….yes, we are in Canada. My son will be 4 next month – how old is your son? The only complication we have had is a speech delay. He is now caught up in the words he uses, but still has issues with pronunciation. This wasn’t the case for us, but many hypo kids have issues with fluid in their ears, which can affect speech. Feel free to email me at n_king at shaw.ca. Also, if you are on Facebook, search for Hypochondroplasia Families. It’s great to be able to meet and connect with other families.

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