Endo update

Today we trekked down to Children’s Hospital for LH’s yearly visit with the endocrinologist.

I was surprised by all the construction going on at the hospital – of course, LH loves watching the big machines work. We arrived a few minutes early, so LH had a few minutes to watch from the second floor.


His appointment started off with getting measured. Last year, the lady who measured him said if they ever made a video to teach staff how to measure a child, they would use LH as he is so good. I don’t think he has ever fussed at a doctors visit.

While I understand the endo can’t really do anything, as hypochondroplasia isn’t a hormone issue, I do like going as they are the best at measuring. They measure everything, including his legs and arm spans.

It has been a year since our last visit (almost to the day), which makes it nice for comparison. 😉

In the past year, he has grown 5.5cm in height. He gained 1 kg. She measured his head at 53cm – same as last year, didn’t realize that until I came home. Hmmm…

His legs went from 35.3cm to 38.3cm, and his arm span went from 75.5cm to 83.5.

Edited to add….they are pleased with his overall health. Ears and throat looked good. No concerns!

I thought that this would be our last visit, but the doctors would like to see him again next year.


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2 Responses to Endo update

  1. PIHM says:

    Arm span grew a lot and they are likely to have measured that correctly. 5.5 is great growth. And yes they must have gotten HC wrong…

    • noee01 says:

      I called the office to double check the measurements, and both last years and yesterday’s were the same. Waiting to hear back from the doctor.

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