And so it begins again…

Another school year has started….Another season of soccer….

The two older kids went for their first day yesterday. Other than a bussing mishap for N, all went well. There are often still students registering this week, and sometimes one or two new students can require a complete resifting of the classes. So this week, the kids rotate between the grade teachers and we should know their teachers on Friday afternoon. N already has a preference to which teacher he gets, so I hope he won’t be too disappointed if he doesn’t end up in that class. I don’t know any of the teachers, so I’m pretty neutral. I do have a preference for who L gets, but I am biting my tongue and not saying anything to her.

LH was due to start his second year of preschool today, but he came down with a fever on Tuesday. He seemed to be getting better today, but the fever came back right before bed tonight. Poor guy. I was hoping he would be able to make it to school on Friday (half the class went today, the other half on Friday), but I don’t know.

The older two have had a few soccer practices already. The girl has her first game this weekend and N has his next weekend. I really enjoy watching them play, and I do have a great time with the other parents. We’ve been lucky to end up with some great teams.

LH is also registered to play in the U5 division. I’m still a little confused as to what his season will look like, but I hope he has fun. He does enjoy practicing with his brother and the big boys. N’s teammates are awesome with him – when he takes a shot on goal, the goalie will make an exaggerated attempt to save the ball, but letting LH score.


Wanted to share this photo too…the boys and I went to the beach last week, for a last skim of summer


I have been trying to keep up with my running. I found a learn to run clinic that ends with a 5k run. It happens to fall on one of LH’s non preschool days, but my mom has offered to watch him. Lucky me!

With our evenings now busy with activities I had planned on using the time that LH is at school to run. With this week being a gradual entry week, plus him being sick, I decided to use the time that L was at soccer practice to run. I’ve been hesitant to run off the track. I don’t know why, really. Maybe it’s just the randomness of running the streets without a destination, taking turns at will? On the track, I just put my head down and go – no thinking other than dodging the people that are there for football practice ๐Ÿ˜‰I’m hoping that the clinic will help me get over my ‘fear’ of streets…

So, while my runs usually look like this…


…tonight’s run looked like this


But…it was also my longest run to date! 22 minutes. I try to not look at the time when I am running, but I happened to peek with a minute 30 seconds left. I felt so good! I pushed myself a little faster…and dare I say it…enjoyed it!

And of course, today marks 14 years married! It was also my due date with LH…he of course wanted his own day, and stayed put until the 9th.


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2 Responses to And so it begins again…

  1. playfulpups says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Awesome to run for 22 minutes! My C25K calls for 20 minutes of running next, I’m a bit scared! I too have to make myself not peek…I could be doing well, then realize I have several minutes left, and think “Oh hell no, I’ll never make it….” I know, it’s mental. Still working on that. Keep running! ๐Ÿ™‚

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