A running fail?

Tonight was week 7 day 1 of the C25k program – a 5 minute warm up, then jog 2.5 miles (25 minutes).

Feeling confidant after my last run through residential streets, I decided to stay local to my neighborhood. There were several things I learned on this run.

*Daylight. This is easy to misjudge. After dinner I had told LH that I would take him outside to play for 10 minutes before my run. When it’s bright out, it’s hard to imagine how quickly it gets dark once the sun slips behind the houses.

*Route. I was a little excited about the idea of starting my run as soon as I walked out the front door. I decided to head west of our house, where the streets are older and don’t all go through. I left the house without a concrete route. This proved to not be the best idea, as I ended up on a busy street. By that point, the sky was dark, there were no street lights and no sidewalk. I will admit to feeling a little nervous about the situation, and thankful that I should soon be running in the mornings.

*Street vs Track. The track has many advantages. It’s bouncy. There’s no getting lost. There are no cars to worry about (though, on football practice nights, you do have to dodge people!). It’s also flat…which is nice but not realistic, especially if you ever plan on running anywhere else.

Tonight’s run started off with a slight incline, which I felt but was doable. Then it went downhill and I felt great. But, then I hit a slope. And it’s not a big slope by any means, but its long. I drive that stretch of road coming home from the track and its not that noticeable in the car. But it got me tonight. I had to slow to a walk. At first I was upset with myself for not being able to run the whole way, but then I realized that even if I wasn’t running, I was walking. And that is better than sitting on my butt watching Moneyball (which is what is playing in the background as I type this).

As I got closer to my immediate neighborhood, which includes street lights and sidewalks, I started running again. And when the voice on the app told me apt that my workout was over, I kept running for an extra five minutes to make up for the time that I walked.

Tonight was not a fail, but a learning experience. I will redo week 7 day 1 until I can run 25 minutes without walking. And I will come back to tonight’s route and master that hill (and I do imagine that will take more than one attempt).

And I did learn that jogging on the spot while waiting for the light to change feels even funnier than it looks. πŸ˜‰



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3 Responses to A running fail?

  1. playfulpups says:

    That’s funny- I used to see people jogging in place at traffic lights (before I was a “runner”) and used to think, “why don’t they just stand still and wait? Geesh…” lol Now, of course, I get it. πŸ™‚

  2. To avoid looking silly by running in place I run back and forth the other way. I am quite sure it probably looks even goofier than running in place but at least I feel better about it at the time.

  3. Getting out there is never a fail!

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