Another week done

We have survived our first full week back to activities and school.

Miss L was placed with the teacher I had hoped for. She is thrilled to be in Mr. G.’s class. Yesterday, on the way to soccer she told me that he makes her excited to go to school!

N wasn’t too happy with his teacher. He was placed with the teacher he wanted the least, but I think he is settling in. He asked for me to call and request a class change but I refused to do it. He will just have to adjust.

LH is so happy to be back in preschool. He has wonderful teachers and many of his friends from last year are back in his class.

First day of preschool


(And yes, that’s the only first day photos I have…what a bad mommy I am! ☺)

Last Monday, LH – our baby – turned 4! It’s hard to believe.


We celebrated with family the day before. My wonderful mother in law made his cake


On his actual birthday, I did something I have put off doing but he requested it. I turned his car seat around to forward facing. After dinner and bath, we had to take a spin around the block. He loves his new perspective! He is becoming a back seat driver!


Soccer started for all 3 kids this weekend and made for a crazy day! Miss L played at 10am. Because there are only 3 teams in her division, and the league is waiting to interlock with another club, they scheduled our girls to play a rep team a year younger. It was a tough game. At 11am, LH was set to play on a different field. Because its only 4 year olds, there aren’t real teams – the kids just do drills and play fun games. I didn’t get to watch, but D told me that LH did great, had lots of fun and was impressed by the staff coaching. Best of all, LH gets his own jersey! We had to modify the shin pads to fit and I still can’t find cleats in his size. At 12pm, N took the field (in a different city!). I am so happy with how his team played – they were passing, and making smart plays. They won 8-0… Hope they don’t expect all games to be this easy!



(Again…only photos of him…yikes! Need to get some photos of the older kids in their jerseys)

As for me, I am trying to stick with my runs. I started a learn to run clinic on Tuesday. It was week 2 for the group, so we did 2 min walking then 1 minute jog x5 then walked the rest of the way. I found it to be pretty easy since I am in week 7 of the c25k program, but looking ahead to next clinic it’s a 2k run which is better suited to where I am at. I was given a schedule for the program, so I’ve been trying to incorporate both that and the c25k app into my runs. This week has been busy as there is a lot going on at the school, and the heat wave zapped a lot of my energy. On Thursday I was able to fit in a 20 min jog in my immediate neighborhood – Miss L didn’t want me going any further away as a possible cougar sighting close to her school caused a lockdown. The clinic program had me do hill on Saturday, which was great as its something I avoid. My clinic leader suggested a road close to my house that has a gentle incline so I did loops on that – walk up and then jog down. 4 loops that equaled just over 5k. I’ll try to do 5 loops this week.


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  1. Your pictures melt me!!!

  2. Heather says:

    Great pictures! My name is Heather and I wanted to know if you would be able to answer my question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

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